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Welcome to Middlebury, Indiana

As the Town's tag line states, Middlebury is "Grown from Tradition".  Middlebury is rich in history.  We have Amish families farming the rich farm land to modern RV's and manufactured homes rolling down State Road 13.

We have one of the best school systems in the state, with three (3) of our schools earning a 4-Star status.  Many churches will welcome you to town, and our shopping district will provide you with all the amenities you might need without driving to a surrounding city.

If you enjoy biking, walking or running, you will find the top rated trail in Indiana here in Middlebury.  The Rails to Trails Conservancy says "the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail steals the show in Indiana.  If you want to experience genuine Midwestern Americana, this is it.  Pastoral scenes of Amish life and fields of gold line the path. A must-visit trail!"

We hope you enjoy Middlebury and welcome to our Town!    

           Community Notices

                               FREEZE WARNING
The Town of Middlebury has issued a Freeze Warning
for water customers using the Town’s water supply system.  All water customers, homes or businesses, using the Town’s water supply system should trickle a small amount of water from one cold water faucet to help keep the water flowing and prevent freeze up of underground water lines.  The water should remain running 24/7 even if the outside temperature rises.  Rising daytime temperatures coupled with freezing at night causes frost to go deeper into the ground, freezing water service lines.  During this Freeze Warning period, customers may call the Town at 825-1499 to request a water billing adjustment while they are trickling the water.  The adjustments will be effective until the Freeze Warning is rescinded by the Town.  If a water customer is experiencing a water line problem, the Town’s Water Department is available to assist in evaluating the problem by calling 825-1499.  The Town will issue a news release when the Freeze Warning is canceled.  If you are not sure if the warning has been lifted, please call the Town at 825-1499 before turning off your water.  The Town is also asking for assistance from residents and business owners in clearing snow away from fire hydrants. Snow fall has covered many hydrants making it difficult for emergency crews to locate or access a hydrant during emergency situations.